OCEANFLEET supplies excellent quality live seafood products and helps clients to store and manage operations with live seafood. We understand our clients‘needs for functional, easy manageable, aesthetically attractive and lowenergy- consuming live seafood storages. Therefore, we designed and realized the innovative live seafood storage – AQUARIUM “PORTABLE OCEAN” system (APO). The APO provides shellfish and/or live fish with a natural habitat, just like their native water areal. Live seafood can be kept, without modifying its qualities or taste, in a visually attractive manner. APO models are especially constructed to make the storage ideal for live shellfish/fish/seafood, without separation of the species within the APO, yet allowing all products to be kept under the best possible conditions. In addition, the APO is extremely efficient in terms of space and storage capacity, combines accurate technology with a posh, exclusive VIP appearance, so that it can reside in restaurants, hotels, pubs, retail outlets etc. It is a splendid addition to any interior, also adding value to your business when you can offer your clients a “hand-picked quality” seafood directly from the “ocean”.


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  • Excellent live seafood quality at all times
  • High capacity of live seafood storage (up to 75 kg of live seafood)
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Attractive live seafood display
  • Efficient stock management
  • Seafood/seafood meals sales grow by3-5 times [statistics based on data of our current clients (restaurants and retail outlets)]
  • Low energy consumption
  • No water change needed [see page maintenance]
  • Customized panel designs
  • No construction, installation and/or piping needed – we need only an electricity plug [installation and start up process takes 15-20 minutes]
  • Portability [self-contained on 4 wheels]
  • Online water quality and main parameters monitoring [optional]
  • Technical support and service 24/7



Our APO is a carefully developed system with a mechanical water filtration and implemented bio-filters that allow very precise water purification. UV-C lamps warrant a concise water degermination. Low-energy magnetic-priming water circulation pumps, refrigeration unit with corrosion free compressor and Titanium Exchanger, and microprocessor electronic thermostat complete the excellent technology of an APO.

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Dimensions: 1012 mm(length)x780 mm(width)x1560 mm(height)


  1. 4-side visual live seafood storage compartment [aquarium; storage capacity up to 45kg]
  2. Two sliding-shelves live seafood storage compartment #2 [storage capacity up to 15 kg]
  3. Bottom part/back up live seafood storage compartment #3 [storage capacity up to 15 kg]
  4. Magnetic door/access to bottom part/back up live seafood storage compartment #3
  5. Chilling air –out system
  6. Door/access opening the equipment compartment for maintenance
  7. 4 wheels
  8. Sliding doors/access to 4-side visual live seafood storage compartment #1
  9. Chilling air –in system
  10. Water in\out
  11. Oxygen supply
  12. Door/access to two shelves live seafood storage compartment #2



What are your requirements for live seafood storage? A small footprint? Quick installation without hassles, construction and piping works? Customized panelling design? OCEANFLEET offers a unique range of 4 options of APOs with customized panelling designs that would fit to your chosen position in a restaurant, bar, pub, retail outlet or warehouse. Individualised options of elements ‘combination are available as to meet your ideal requirements.

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The charts below represent 4 APO options.

  1. Magnetic door/access to bottom part/back up live seafood storage compartment #3 (see page 3)
  2. Two sliding shelves live seafood storage compartment #2
  3. Chilling air –in system
  4. Chilling air-out system



A couple or several APOs can be placed and installed together. A combination of your choice and for your convenience is available. For example, one wall of live seafood storages with different water temperatures that correspond to different water habitats (and thus various fish and shellfish species) can be constructed. This allows not only an impressive appearance, but also a bigger variety of seafood species in the offer.

For example, a retail store:

More APOs locating/positioning options are available, please contact our representative (see page contacts).

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  • Customized panelling designs are available (additional conditions apply), for more information contact our representative.
  • Few standard options of panelling design are available to be chosen on our website

Examples of panelling used by some of our clients:

OceanFleet offers all important accessories to make the operation of APO easy and convenient. For the details please contact our representative.
5 years for the main body; 2 years for aquarium; 1 year for all moving parts of main body, 1 year for all electrical equipment.
We proudly deliver our APOs to any destination worldwide.